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Coudre une jupe en tissé à ceinture élastique

Sewing a woven skirt with an elastic waistband

Are you looking for a simple little project to start sewing?! This skirt is ideal, it is also the first woven garment that I made when I started to sew.... Read More
Sac à collation

Snack bag

  What could be better than swapping our plastic bags for these small reusable bags which are also easy to maintain. You will need food pulp and a closure. For... Read More
Lézarounet chou

Cabbage lizard

Lézarounet Chou is our star to help concentration and comfort! This heavy little iguana settles on the shoulders, chest, back or legs. Easy to achieve in a few steps, your... Read More
Faire sa jupe circulaire

Make your circular skirt

We get asked a lot of questions about the circular skirt. Yes, we often tear our hair out doing it. That's why I decided to show you all the steps of the confection.
Tutoriel chandail Raglan

Raglan Sleeve Tutorial

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Comment choisir une machine?

How to Choose a Sewing Machine

Choose your machine You want to acquire a machine but you get lost in all the possible choices. This video is perfect for you. You can make an informed choice... Read More
Comment confectionner la tuque de jersey knit

How to Make the Jersey Knit Beanie

Comment poser un élastique à la taille d'un jeans

How to Put an Elastic Waist Band on a Jeans

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Comment confectionner le cardigan Jalie 3248

How to Make the Cardigan from Jalie 3248

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Comment confectionner le haut Dolman de Jalie 3352

How To Make the Dolman Top from Jalie 3352

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